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NEW - Heaven Gold Mall - New Location
Monday, 18 May 2015 | 13:19 | 0 Ask | Permalink
Hello! Hello! Deadly Shoppers!
Here some good news today, well... more like since a month!

We have open a Mall!!! Yay, so exciting!! We have call it Heaven Gold Mall and we will be pretty busy organize the activities, the website for the mall is finish, so we can concentrate on finishing what we were suppose to do since a month ago, but that doesn't mean we have forgot about everyone, we still have hunts and events to do and more product for you. Speaking of more product, The Deadly Mouse Men's has send new outfit for the men's, we will show the pictures bellow with all description and stuff. Also in Heaven Gold Mall, every month we offer a new event or hunt, so if you're interesting in joining or play the next event or hunt, i will put the link bellow! Also we have some designers that have join us, if you would like to shop i'll let the location with the other info's.

If you are a designer and wish to have a store at your name, go to Heaven Gold Mall, fill the Application File and send it in the message board. :)

Heaven Gold Mall Info::

Welcome to Heaven Gold Mall, we've open April, 3 2015. Give us a chance, we're still new to everyone. Quality shopping district, only commercial.
Little store and mainstore can be include, 30 prims minimum and 66-70 prims maximum.
Our Events & Hunts are available every month. We want an active mall! Not an empty mall.
We got a website and a radio 24/7!
We do promotions, all designers in our mall are free to join us. For a limit time we do a promotion of Invite 1, get 1 for free and Rent 2 weeks, get 1 free!

x No Spam, No Drama, No Bots
x No Voodoo, No Sploder, No Money HUD
x No Fake Traffic, No Traffic Aid

Only REAL Traffic and REAL Store!
We don't steal people, Stay at your location..
We just want YOU to join us!

Join us at::
Visit us at::

*Deadly Mouse* Men's Store

Check This Out!!
Wednesday, 25 February 2015 | 21:19 | 0 Ask | Permalink
Hello Deadly Shoppers! Are you wondering what is happening to Deadly Mouse Store? No! Don't worry, we didn't stop anything. We told that we would be busy doing the upgrade of the store and that between December and January we would be busy! Seems like the work would take a little bit more longer then we though. Now we have bigger things to do, starting by finishing all the upgrade product and the pictures, the new website is still not done yet, we will have to change the locations of the store since last time our little favorite bird has lost her land and so we will have to move the store somewhere else, for now we have little stores you can visit. (locations will be down bellow)
Yups! We got a long way to do, no worry we're still working even if it will take all day :D
Make sure to check out the blog everyday, maybe something will be announce soon and cross our fingers making hope we will be done soon or later.

  • Website (30% Done)
  • Women's Product Pictures (100% Done)
  • Men's Product Pictures (0% Done)
  • Women's Product Box (70% Done) *Old and New Product*
  • Men's Product Box (0% Done) *Old and New Product*
  • Women's Product Appliers (90% Done) (Coming Soon *New Appliers TMP(TheMeshProject)*)
  • Men's Product Appliers (0% Done) (Coming Soon *New Appliers TMP(TheMeshProject)*)
  • Mainstore Location (0% Done)

SLGBTA Spead the love expo
Saturday, 31 January 2015 | 18:58 | 0 Ask | Permalink

Hello everyone!
Hope you all have celebrate a nice Christmas and a great new year 2015!
Now time to start this year 2015 with an Expo from SLGBTA for this valentines day!
February 1st to 15th there will be an expo of many designers store.
We hope to see everyone there you can find the poster at different stores here:
Store location #1
Store location #2
Or you can directly go at: SLGBTA Spead the Love Expo Location
You can find our donation item and the gacha for the event right bellow

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014 | 01:54 | 0 Ask | Permalink
Merry Christmas Everyone!
We hope you will enjoy the happy and funny day of christmas.
From December to January!
Deadly Mouse Couture is taking a vacation break of Hunt & Event.
We know you would like us to do more stuff for the hunts or events,
but this year we will take a short break and try to upgrade our stuff with new things.


!! New Website !!
!! Upgrade Product Pictures on Marketplace !!
!! Upgrade Appliers for Product !!
!! And More !!

Thank You for waiting and again..

Thursday, 30 October 2014 | 19:05 | 0 Ask | Permalink

Hello everyone,
This is Deadly Mouse Speaking..
First of all we want to wish you an HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
We made a special announcement to everyone for this Halloween Event:

The Nawty Trick or Treaters
You're maybe asking why we are doing an announcement for this Halloween Hunt!
For not making anyone waiting!
We have decided to make our first Halloween Costume for men and women.
So from October 31st until November 30th the hunt is free.
After that, it will be announce in store!

If you wish to see the prizes Click the "Read More" Bellow
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*Deadly Mouse* Stud Headband
| 16:42 | 0 Ask | Permalink

Marketplace Link:
Mainstore Link: Deadly Mouse
Cost: L$200 (Each)
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*Deadly Mouse* Spike Headband
| 16:35 | 0 Ask | Permalink

Marketplace Link:
Mainstore Link: Deadly Mouse
Cost: L$200 (Each)
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